French Beginner Program

Level 1 (40 hours)
Students’ Profile
• The beginner level is for individuals who have never studied French before
• It is also for individuals who have had modest prior exposure
• They know some words and grammar, but they cannot handle elementary discussions

• Identify specific pronunciation characteristics in French and duplicate native-like pronunciation
• Develop basic reading and writing skills necessary for survival in a French environment
• Learn how to understand a message and get a message across to someone else
• Ask for clarification or have questions repeated
• Learn fundamental tools to help you conduct a simple conversation without being afraid of making mistakes
• Speak of common everyday topics, like food, family, shopping, travel and work

Brief Grammar Outline
• Learn over 500 new words • Possessive adjectives, nationalities, professions  
• Greetings and introductions • Negatives  
• 4 categories of pronouns • Different modes of asking questions  
• Many regular and irregular present verbs • Idiomatic expressions  
• Numbers, days, months, dates, times • Future immediate  

Level 2 (40 hours)

Students’ Profile
• Have studied French throughout high school
• Have difficulties grasping simple conversations
• Comprehension is better than speaking ability
• Incapable of discussing simple ideas without help
• Can catch only portions of normal speech and have difficulty expressing their ideas clearly
• All dialogue is a challenge, with many hesitations and major misunderstandings

• Express themselves with confidence about material covered in class
• Work on pronunciation to achieve greater authenticity
• Learn and practice more words and expressions related to current events, work and feelings
• Try to comprehend and engage in a conversation between French speakers
• Be able to seek information, make requests, give orders, apologize, acquire diplomacy
• Understand some cultural differences between Anglophones and Francophones

Brief Grammar Outline
• More pronouns • Commands, positive, negative + pronouns  
• Past tenses, regular & irregular • Indirect requests  
• Pronouns in front of verbs • 2 verbs together  
• Building vocabulary • 15 negative formulas  
• Verbs denoting “I can” “I want to” “I have to” • Subordinate clauses