French Intermediate Program

Level 3 (80 hours)
Students’ Profile
• Did well in French in school
• Can carry on a simple discussion with some guidance
• Articulate simple opinions in a straightforward manner but cannot manage elaborate discussions
• Hesitation, mistakes and inappropriate language are obvious
• Exhibit weaknesses with vocabulary and grammar
• Have difficulty following French at normal speed

• Develop more vocabulary about work and everyday topics so that sentences flow better
• Become capable of understanding and responding to basic French e-mails and messages
• Agree and disagree, providing supporting arguments
• Hone your conversational ability when talking about yourself, work and current events
• Improve comprehension
• Be able to make comparisons regarding quality and quantity
• Describe actions in present, past and future, whether simultaneous or independent

Brief Grammar Outline
• Comparing adjectives & adverbs, regular and irregular • Relative pronouns  
• Indefinite & interrogative pronouns • Verbs + prepositions  
• Future tense • Complex sentences with subordinates  
• Imperfect tense • Conditional sentences  
• Subjunctive  

Level 4 (80 hours)

Students’ Profile
• Did well in French at school and may have studied at university
• With more complex discussions, may need to ask for explanations
• Likewise, are often asked to explain and repeat
• Articulate basic ideas well but have a hard time managing elaborate discussions
• Vocabulary and grammar mistakes are noticeable
• Listeners must concentrate when following the conversation

• Reinforcing past grammatical concepts while continuing to add new
• Hone your conversational abilities when talking at the office or outside
• Develop sharper listening skills so you can grasp the basic meaning of sophisticated conversations
• Be able to describe concurrent or sequential events
• Deliver a presentation
• Diversify vocabulary so that you can be more eloquent
• Understand and reply to standard business correspondence
• Speak with confidence on the phone

Brief Grammar Outline
• More interrogatives • The causative “faire” + infinitive  
• More pronouns: possessive, demonstrative, and indefinite • The passive voice  
• Verb work: Conditional, past anterieur, subjunctive, irregular verbs • Gerunds  
• More comparisons, quantities and superlative • Tense agreements