French Advanced Program
Level 5 (80 hrs)

Students’ Profile
• Have had opportunities to practice their French since school or university
• Are capable of keeping an elaborate discussion flowing, but may need some guidance
• If they get stuck, can find a different route to express themselves
• Describe elaborate ideas clearly without many problems in spite of some indecision
• Can still misunderstand questions
• Idioms continue to present challenges
• Inappropriate language and mistakes are still obvious, but do not greatly interfere with communication

• Expand general and specialized lexicon in order to be more articulate
• Build confidence when talking about sophisticated and thought provoking issues
• Improve auditory skills in order to understand complicated conversations
• Strengthen verbs and new phrases so sentences flow smoothly
• Participate more actively in meetings
• Interact comfortably with business material, newspapers and short TV news reports
• Acquire and use more idioms
• Understand and respect different cultural values and use this knowledge when interacting with others

Brief Grammar Outline
• More subordinates • Repeated conjunctions and adverbs  
• The pluperfect tense and conditional sentences • Indefinite pronouns  
• Time expressions • Prepositional phrases  
• A multitude of conjunctions (time, cause, with subjunctive, with adverbs, etc) • Past infinitive  
• Infinitive propositions • Past conditional  
• The pronoun “lequel  

 Level 6 (40 hours)

Students’ Profile
• Understand advanced grammar and easily grasps new concepts
• Possess strong oral, aural and written skills
• Speak with relative ease, although still make mistakes
• Possess a rich and powerful lexicon
• Can follow a conversation well, but still have gaps of understanding
• Can express an opinion in a variety of ways
• Can disagree and defend their point of view
• Understand humor

• Experiment with difficult structures, reinforce grammar and better understand exceptions and nuances
• Participate more actively in negotiations and socialize with clients
• Work on developing the specific terminology related to your area of business
• Be exposed to more complex and fast paced conversations
• When multiple meanings are possible, to better chose the appropriate one
• Expressing oneself more forcefully and use appropriate words
• Comprehend and use popular idioms
• To better understand foreign humor and culture

Brief Outline
The format of the Level 6 workbook differs from the previous levels. It is comprised of articles that have appeared in Quebec magazines and publications, dealing with general interest subjects and topics that encourage debate and give insight into Quebec society.
• Understand a French article
• Decipher a word’s meaning in context
• Text comprehension
• Express situations in one’s own words, written and orally
• Determine the level of the language (formal, slang, pejorative…)
• Make distinctions and comparisons between high level words
• Manipulate difficult language structures