French Enhanced Program

FRENCH ENHANCED PROGRAM (Unlimited hours until fluency)
Our Enhanced program reinforces and perfects your knowledge of French in general, at the same time introducing important daily themes of the business world. At this level, the learner will center on more sophisticated subjects leading to debates and free exchanges of opinions on business matters, contemporary life and current events.

We will introduce you to formal and informal topics to encourage you to speak spontaneously and with confidence in “the real“ world. The teacher incorporates the use of a broad variety of activities devised to simulate real-life and work-related situations, such as: 
  Specialized texts - We use specialized texts in vocabulary development and communication activities which help students continue to become more fluent.
Technical words - Technical words are presented in context, never alone. They are presented in such a way that the student instinctively captures the meaning. This provides an opportunity for discussions related to the dialogues, which can be either prepared in advanced or spontaneous.
Expressions and vocabulary – New words and expressions are taught and are practiced during simulations, problem-solving exercises, interactive tasks, etc. The class discussions become increasingly more technical.
Grammar – The exceptions, the nuances, the complexities and situational appropriateness of grammatical concepts are explored. This allows the student to express himself in a variety of ways, as well as hear an idea being expressed in a multitude of different manners.
Work-related material - Work-related material and information are gathered and incorporated into the teaching program.
Pedagogical props - The teacher incorporates the use of a broad variety of activities devised to simulate real-life and work-related situations.

Students’ Profile
• Interact efficiently and effortlessly
• Express complex ideas comprehensibly, needing little help
• Minor language mistakes generally do not impede communication
• Can easily elaborate the topic being discussed without help

• Emphasize habitual correction of mistakes made during conversations
• Challenge existing knowledge of French, especially to comprehend subtle nuances
• Put accent on developing a variety of ways to express oneself
• Practice using everyday business expressions in stimulating conversation
• Better extract meaning from a new word according to the context
• Polish their style and talk about hypothetical situations
• Broaden their vocabulary
• Understand the many different ways of expressing oneself that may be used by others

Brief Outline
• A thorough review at a high level of the key grammatical difficulties
• Progressively developing a rich business vocabulary, and “savoir faire
• Focus on more sophisticated subjects, leading to debates and free exchanges on situations such as:
  Telephones Attending meetings
  Public Speaking Marketing
  Accounting Job Search
  Greeting a Client Sales
  Negotiation Placing Orders
  Organizing Business Trip Reservations
• Preparing and receiving business correspondence, e-mails, presentations
• Clarifying expressions that appear similar in meaning, but are radically different
• Some slang expressions
• Drawing attention to “anglicisms”