English Beginner Program

Level 1 (40 hours)

Students’ Profile
• Cannot communicate at all in English or struggle with simple discussions
• Have little aptitude with ordinary speech
• Use phrases or single words

Level 2 (40 hours)

Students’ Profile
• Have trouble coping with simple discussions
• Conversations are laborious, interspersed with faltering and extreme misunderstandings
• Unable to express simple ideas without assistance
• Grasp portions of speech and have difficulty communicating ideas clearly

For Both Levels

• Learn and use survival words and phrases related to daily activities
• Identify basic pronunciation features in English and replicate native-like pronunciation of words and phrases
• Learn the basics to help you initiate and follow a straightforward conversation without being afraid of making mistakes
• Develop some rudimentary reading and writing skills essential to function well in English
• Speak about common everyday topics, such as family, weather, shopping, paying bills, education, etc.
• Become familiar with verbs denoting present, past and future
• Practice how to get information and make requests
• Follow a conversation between native English speakers and participate in such a conversation
• Understand some cultural differences between your country and Canada

Brief Grammar Outline
• Using simple verbs • Simple past  
• Negatives • Expressing future  
• Questions • Articulate ability  
• Pronouns • Nouns and pronouns  
• Special verbs • Comparisons