English Intermediate Program

Level 3 (80 hours)

Students’ Profile
• Cannot handle elaborate discussions, but can put into words simple concepts coherently
• Mistakes and improper language are apparent
• Can carry on a simple discussion with guidance, but pause a lot
• Exhibit weaknesses with grammar
• Have difficulty following an English conversation between native speakers
• Mispronounce words, which can lead to misunderstandings

Level 4 (80 hours)

Students’ Profile
• Mispronunciation and errors are noticeable
• Articulate basic concepts easily, but run into difficulties when tackling complex discussions
• Prepositions and phrasal verbs still present challenges
• With complex discussions, may require additional explanations
• Likewise, are often asked to repeat themselves more clearly
• Listeners must concentrate when following the conversation

For Both Levels

• Develop sharper listening skills so that you can better grasp challenging topics
• Express your feelings and ideas with increasing confidence
• Refine your conversational skills when talking about work or common daily activities
• Learn and utilize more words and phrases related to the work place, current issues and day to day activities
• Follow and participate in a conversation between native speakers
• Gain an improved understanding of work and personal documents

Brief Grammar Outline
• Present time • Two word verbs
• Past time • Passive
• Future • Adjective clauses
• Modals • Noun clauses
• Asking questions • Reported speech
• Present and past perfect • Using wish
• Gerunds and infinitives