English Advanced Program

Level 5 (80 hours)

Students’ Profile
• Capable of carrying on a conversation that flows, but may need some prompting
• Mispronunciation and mistakes are perceptible, but do not greatly interfere with communication
• On occasion, use incorrect word order in a sentence
• Easily articulate complex notions, in spite of some indecision

Level 6 (80 hours)

Students’ Profile
• Communicate capably and effortlessly
• Mispronunciation and small language mistakes do not impede communication
• Can independently and eloquently elaborate the issue being debated
• Express sophisticated ideas coherently and without help
• Still have accents and are perceived as non-native speakers of English

For Both Levels

• Reinforce grammar and better understand exceptions and nuances
• Contribute effectively in meetings
• Increase vocabulary and idioms, which naturally leads to better comprehension and expression
• Express complex scenarios, providing different angles if necessary
• Develop sharper listening skills to better understand advanced level conversations
• Understand and value different cultures and use this knowledge accordingly
• When multiple meanings are possible, to better chose the appropriate one
• Be more comfortable with written reports and correspondence

Brief Grammar Outline
• All verb tenses (25) • Adjective clauses
• Modals • Noun clauses  
• The passive • Showing relationship between ideas
• Gerunds and infinitives, singular and plural • Conditional sentences