Additional Services

To complement our Language Programs, we provide Additional English Language Support for Businesses including:

Presentations - Many executives want to do presentations in their target language. We practice the prepared speech together, help them with pronunciation, make sure they understand exactly what they’re saying and indicate where to put emphasis so that the speech will flow. We can practice in person or over the phone. To provide continued help after the preparation class, a tape of the speech is made.

Telephone Skills - Some companies have very specific language needs - customer service, taking orders or messages, redirecting calls, etc. They may have a limited budget and just want to concentrate on “Telephone Communication.” ELC can design a customized program dealing with the telephone. A list of possible in-coming calls is compiled, after which the teacher and the student will role play to improve the comprehension aspect. Then the employees and the teacher work together on as many possible “out going calls” as possible, with the specific work-related vocabulary incorporated into the lessons. When the program is completed, the student can maintain their skills by listening to their personalized tape and reviewing their written brochure.

Lessons over the phone - If a person is unable to attend a class, yet still wants to have a lesson, it’s possible to have a lesson over the phone. It can be a private lesson, or a group scenario.

Evaluation fluency levels of potential employees - Speaking another language may be a requirement for a job position, but how can the company be sure of the candidate’s proficiency? We can evaluate the applicant’s language skills, and report to the company if the person is fluent enough in their second language to properly do the job.


"My wife and I did 10 sessions to improve our business conversation skills, on a semi-private evening at ELC's premises. Schedule was flexible, so we were able to adjust it based on our availability. We were amazed by our teacher, the methodology and material helped us to achieve and exceed our expectations. Our co-workers and direct managers noticed improvement."
- F. Mafra

Executive Language Consultants